FREE WEBINAR “EU Funding: Firsthand on EIC Pathfinder & Accelerator”


EU Funding: Firsthand on EIC Pathfinder & Accelerator by TIKO PRO

Funding Innovation / 1 hour 30min / Online / English / Thursday 20th January 2022 at 9.30am CET


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Are you an SME with a breakthrough innovative project?

What will you learn?

Take the opportunity, join our Webinar and find out more about:

• the projects that EIC Accelerator financially supports;
• the amounts that can be granted (70%, between 500.000 € and 2,5 million €, blended finance- up to 15 million €);
• tips and tricks for a successful application process.

We will offer you hands-on information on this EIC instrument but will as a main topic cover the perspective on applications from the EIC evaluator point of view.


Computer or mobile phone with Zoom app.

If you are an SME with a breakthrough innovative project, already in a phase of a prototype, and would like to push international boundaries, then the EIC Accelerator can help you accelerate your growth!

This webinar is also suitable for

Startups and SME with innovative projects.

Are you looking for funding?

Tanja Tajnik, PhD EU Evaluator

Scientist, climate in water researcher, natural protector, company expert (organisational, representative field etc.), analyser, biologist, carbon capture and storage expert, energy expert with 5 years of expertise as the evaluator for Horizon projects.

Karmen Vidonja Ozvatič Tiko Pro 

Project manager with 18 years of experience in EU funding project acquisition and project cycle management. Project preparation (consortia establishment, screening of calls, project design, budgeting etc.) and project implementation (plans, project delivery and reporting) are her strongest suits.

Marjeta Maurer Tiko Pro 

She is a specialist at the evaluation of project ideas and co-development of project concepts. Project planning and monitoring, ensuring effective overall coordination of project activities, day-to-day management, and project monitoring are her top skills. 


Herewith, this Webinar »EU funding: firsthand on EIC
Pathfinder and Accelerator«. A mix of experts will provide you with practical insights into two highly interesting EU funding programmes, namely Pathfinder and Accelerator.

Complementary to the hands-on hints regarding the application preparation, we have an Accelerator evaluator, a business angel and an Austrian EIC Support Network onboard to give you their views on the topic.

Do not miss your chance of deepening your practical know-how on the application process for the Pathfinder and Accelerator!

Do not miss out on this free of charge event which will be held by TIKO PRO company which has been named “National Winner” in the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest business competitions. Success rate tells it all –  our EU project applications record an 8x higher success rate than average.

Contact us if you have any questions: TIKO-PRO //   +386 5 901 26 69

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